Monday, August 22, 2011

My turbo broiler Pans for baking

I'm using a turbo broiler for baking cookies and cupcakes. A regular size muffin pan like this
photo from this link
won't fit my turbo broiler.  What I use for cupcakes are these individual stainless muffin pans and silicone muffin pans.
7 pcs of these pans will fit in the turbo broiler
 9 pcs of these silicone pans will fit in the turbo broiler
NOTE: 150 degrees, baking time 10-12 minutes.

For cookies:

non-stick round pan - 8 x 1 1/2 inches
NOTE: 150 degrees, baking time 10-11 minutes. make it 15 minutes if you want it to be more crunchier. 

For Banana Bread:
photo from this link
What I use is a non-stick loaf pan - 8 x 4 x 2 1/2 in.

NOTE: Temperature must be -  140 Degrees for 20 minutes.  

***Always remember: Turbo broiler or convection oven circulates heated air using a fan. This not only prevents overheating of food but also helps warm the food faster than the conventional oven. In baking, we need to lower the temperature for even results. 


karla said...

Hi.. Where did u bought those individual muffin pans and silicone cupcake cups? And how much? Thank you.

Mishee said...

You can get individual pans or silicons at baker's depot, cooks exchange, chocolate lovers but i bought mine at rustans dept store much cheaper.:)

Anonymous said...

ask ko lang sa ibaba ba ng turbo broiler lang pwede ilagay ang cupcake pan or i have to use the elevated rack pa?

Mishee said...

need an elevated rack pa po. para mag circulate yung heat.

Anonymous said...

how much po yung individual muffin pans?

Teza said...

Im so happy I found your blog! Got a turbo broiler and im on a baking frenzy!

azie said...

Thank you for the tips. Im so thankful that i finally baked a muffin using turbo. My own version of banana cashew muffin. First i preheated the turbo for 15 mins at 150°c. I used a 12 PCs baking pan. I set the timer for 10 mins to check and turn sides so that the muffin will be evenly cook. Another 5-8 mins until done. Hope to hear more from you. God bless you.

Imz said...

I tried looking for the banana bread recipe in your blog but i couldnt find it :( anyway i found a recipe in and eill try that using ur setting for turbo :)

mariel23 said...

Maglalagay pa po ba ng water sa ilalim ng rack po paggagawa ng cupcakes po or no need na po?thankyou po..;)