Turbo Chicken

Turbo Chicken
hmmmm, beautiful! ^^ Isn't it?


1 whole Chicken
1/4 cup of Soy sauce
Pinch of Salt
9 pieces of Calamansi (Calamondin)

Sauce of the Chicken from the turbo broiler
1 tablespoon of all purpose flour dissolve in 1 cup of water
Pinch of salt
Pepper to taste

Give the chicken a good rubdown with it, taking care to massage it inside and out. Marinade the Chicken with Soy sauce, salt and Calamondin for 10-20 minutes each side.

Place a small baking pan at the bottom of the turbo broiler, this will be used to catch the drippings (don't throw this after the chicken is cooked! You can use it to make gravy, or see the explanation below).
Place the chicken in a turbo broiler with the temperature of 250 degrees for 30 minutes.
Turn over the chicken and cook it for another 10 minutes.
It should be nicely crisp and golden brown after 40 minutes.

Sauce from the chicken, place it in a small pan (low fire)
Put the dissolve flour (using water)
Stir continuously until it's mixed well
Add salt, pepper and calamondin to taste. 

Turbo chicken is simply a chicken cooked in turbo oven. This recipe was from my grandmother. ^^ Everybody loves the taste of it plus the gravy tastes amazing!!! Try it! ^^