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I so love! ^^ I'm now a "dishwasher" heehee! 
Kitchen Ranking:
Dishwasher Dishwasher
Here's how they rank the people who contribute their recipes to their site:

Kitchen Positions

Note: Be sure to Sign Up and be Signed In when you add or edit pages so you get credit!
As a fun way of recognizing people who contribute recipes and edit pages on Foodista, we have created a Virtual Kitchen Hierarchy. Based on a modified version of Escoffier's "Kitchen Brigade" system, these are the levels and how they are attained:

Position Percentile of Editors Icon
Executive Chef 1%
Chef de Cuisine 5%
Sous Chef 25%
Line Cook 33%
Fry Cook 50%
Prep Cook 90%
Dishwasher Exactly 1 Edit
Patron No Edits
The more you contribute the higher you go! But like in a real kitchen, you are in competition with other users, so you'll need to work hard to get and stay ahead. Your position will be re-calculated once per day.

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